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The Town of Silverhill, Alabama

Nestled in the heart of Central Baldwin County, Silverhill is a step back in time to a simpler, easier way of life. Historic buildings and live oaks still line the streets of this quaint town. The bank in town was converted from the People’s Supply Store built in 1902, and the Town Library is the first Silverhill School built in 1898.

Steeped in its rich Swedish and Czech heritage, Silverhill has maintained its small-town charm throughout the growth and development both within its town limits and in the surrounding areas. Providing a historic public library, a newly-constructed kids park, a friendly-small town atmosphere, and a commitment to maintaining the quality of life for its residents, Silverhill has ensured that it is, and will continue to be for many years, a “Good Place to Live.”

Strengths for Business
While still the smallest town in Central Baldwin County by both population and square miles, Silverhill enjoys the highest per family income of any town in the surrounding area. Further, with a population growth rate of over 11% since 2000, Silverhill is also the fastest growing city or town in Central Baldwin County. While the town has been a residential community for many years, with 98% of the residents commuting to work, the town has recently seen growth in the businesses locating in Silverhill. The center of the city is the intersection of U.S. Highway 104 and County Road 55, providing quick and easy access to the major thoroughfares of U.S. Hwy. 59 and I-10, but being off the main streets has allowed the Town of Silverhill to maintain the undisturbed small town atmosphere which can be valued by locally-owned businesses.

Being a square-mile in surface area, Silverhill would not be the ideal location for large retail, manufacturing, industrial or distribution. However, the small town atmosphere and supportive community is perfect for small retail, specialty shops, locally owned produce and food businesses, and professional services.