Fishing freshwater or saltwater, is at its best in South Baldwin. Annual licenses for Alabama residents are $13.10 for freshwater and $23.00 for saltwater. Visitors may purchase annual or seven-day trip licenses to fish, fee depending on home state. Available at the Central Annex Probate Office, 22251 Palmer St., Robertsdale, 251-943-5061. Visit for details.

Boat registration fees are based on boat length. New residents must bring the registration receipt from the previous state. Call the Central Annex Probate Office in Robertsdale, 251-943-5061. Visit for details.

Cars, pickup trucks, & motorcycles must be registered by new residents within 30 days, along with trailers and motor homes. Vehicles may be registered at the Central Annex Probate Office in Robertsdale vehicle and title must be brought. Call the courthouse at 251-943-5061 for information about annual fees, taxes and documentation required. Alabama requires automobile insurance, but has no state vehicle inspection requirement.

Driving licenses must be obtained by new residents within 30 days. Those with a current license must pass an eye exam and present their road and eye exam. The Alabama drivers license fee is $36.25. Call the Central Annex Probate Office in Robertsdale 251-943-5061 for more information. Driver License Renewal and Duplicate only at the Central Annex Probate Office. Visit for details.

Get married in a romantic chapel. Licenses are issued at the Baldwin County Courthouse in Bay Minette, weekdays 8-2:30 p.m. for $70. Call 251-937-0260.

Vacation and relocation information is available from the Central Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 587, Robertsdale, AL 36567. Call 251-947-2626.

Register to vote at the the Central Annex Probate Office 22251 Palmer St., Robertsdale. Call the Board of Registrars at 251-943-5061 for dates and locations of monthly mobile voter registration provided throughout the county.

Taxing in Alabama

All taxable property in Alabama is classified and assessed at the following ratios of value:
Property of utilities used in their business -30%
Business, commercial and property not otherwise classified – 20%
Agricultural; forest; single-family, owner-occupied residential property, and historic buildings and sites -10%
Private passenger automobiles and personal use pickup trucks – 15%
For details, call the Revenue Commissioners Office at 251-943-5061, Ext. 2840.

The following ad valorem taxes are levied on all taxable property in Baldwin County at the following rates.
One mill = .001 of assessed value:
State of Alabama: 6.5 mills
Baldwin County:
General/Road & Bridge/Fire Dept.: 9.5 mills
Baldwin County Schools: 12 mills
Total tax rate: 28 mills