In being a member of the Central Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, members are responsible for his or her company’s investment fees. These fees are to be paid annually to the Chamber. Below is an appendix of fees for members.

Schedule I — Retailers, Manufacturers, Service, Distributors, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Cafes and Taverns
Number of full-time employees: (Two part time employees equals one full time employee)

1-5: $195.00 46-60: $395.00
6-15: $245.00 61-75: $445.00
16-30: $295.00 76-100: $495.00
31-45: $345.00 100-over: $495.00
(plus $2.50 per employee over 100)

Schedule II — Financial Institutions
$350.00 base minimum plus $10 per million in deposit with a cap of $1000.00 for a listing of all branches in Baldwin County in the membership directory (publications and website). See also “Multiple Locations.”

Schedule III — Hotel, Motel,Bed & Breakfast, Housing, Apartment and Mobile Home Parks
Number of rooms/units:

1-10: $150.00
11-50: $250.00
51-100: $300.00
101-150: $375.00
Over 150 $375.00 plus $2.00 per room/unit

Schedule IV — Professionals, CPA, Attorney, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Architects, Appraisers, Insurance Agents, Developers and Real Estate
Same as Schedule I; add $100.00 for each additional professional listed in the membership directory (publications & website)

Schedule V — Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Retirement Facilities
$175.00 plus $1.50 per bed

Schedule VI — Utilities

Schedule VII — Non-profit Organizations, Civic, Government Officials and Churches

Schedule VIII — Individual (No Business Affiliation)

Schedule IX — Educational Institutions

Investments are calculated on a fair share basis which takes into account the type of business and number of employees.

Investment dues may be deducted from federal income tax as a necessary business expense.

Representatives: A base rate investment entitles member to appoint one individual as a voting representative on the Chamber. Each additional $150.00 above the minimum investment entitles member to one additional representative (maximum of 5).

Multiple Locations: Firms with multiple locations of operation which operate under the same name will pay per Schedule I for the first business and pay $25 for additional locations (financial institutions included).