Whether you’re looking for work or need a helping hand, our area boasts an abundance of resources to train, counsel, and connect our local workforce to businesses who need top talent to thrive. Browse the links below to explore state agencies, regional organizations, and local programs that specialize in job-related services.

Coastal Alabama Community College Workforce Development

Coastal Alabama Community College is a statewide leader in workforce education. Their Workforce Development Program offers a range of courses and certifications in high-demand job fields to connect talented professionals with local employers.

Alabama Technology Network (ATN)

ATN is part of the Alabama Community College System and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Their state-wide development centers provide innovative workforce training, technical assistance, and engineering services to businesses and incumbent workers in the Alabama manufacturing industry.

Made in Alabama

“Made in Alabama” is the official brand of the Alabama Department of Commerce. The website, developed as the centerpiece of a 2012 marketing initiative, features shareable news content focusing on Alabama’s economic development successes and the advantages that make the state an attractive location for investment.

SAWDC Alabama Works

SAWDC Alabama Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential while also ensuring employers have access to the best talent. Through employer-established and -led partnerships, they are building a comprehensive workforce development system that connects workers and employers in six key industries: aviation, construction, healthcare, hospitality & tourism, manufacturing, and transportation, distribution, and logistics.

Southwest Alabama Partnership for Training and Employment (SWAPTE)

In partnership with the Alabama Career Center, SWAPTE provides a workforce investment program that offers comprehensive employment, career counseling, and job training services to businesses and job-seekers in southwest Alabama.

Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance (BCEDA)

BCEDA is a partnership-based organization that provides business opportunities and promotes economic development in Baldwin County through business recruitment, workforce training and development, data-driven research, existing industry support, and entrepreneurial assistance.

Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT)

A division of the Alabama Department of Commerce, AIDT is a state agency that provides a full range of free technical training programs to job-seekers and employers across the state. Their services include trainee recruitment and screening, safety assistance, industrial maintenance assessments, continuous improvement/process improvement assessments, and leadership training programs.