The Third Annual Baldwin Connect College & Career Expo is a collaborative effort between the Baldwin County Chambers of Commerce and Baldwin County Public Schools. It was held on March 20th at the Baldwin County Coliseum in Robertsdale. This past event welcomed hundreds of students and allowed them to explore education and industry options in our local areas.

The event is designed to provide 11th and 12th-grade high school students and the public with a platform to explore various career opportunities. By bridging the gap between academic learning and practical workforce requirements, the expo aims to help students make informed decisions about their future career paths while enabling local industries and businesses to connect with potential talent entering the workforce.

Key figures involved in the event have praised it for its focus on facilitating effective engagement between businesses and providing a valuable opportunity for students to interact directly with industry representatives, apply for positions, and seek guidance on educational pathways to achieve their career goals. Baldwin Connect, as emphasized by Kendall Mowdy, the Career Technical Education Coordinator for Baldwin County Public Schools, “represents a significant opportunity for the students in the district.” Mowdy’s endorsement of Baldwin Connect underscores the program’s importance in preparing students for the challenges of the modern job market.

“Last year, adding a resume scholarship contest to the event proved to be a fantastic initiative to support high school students in their college pursuits, scholarships, internships, and employment. A well-crafted resume is a crucial marketing tool that effectively communicates your qualifications and personal brand to potential employers and recruiters, setting you apart from other candidates. In a competitive job market, having a standout resume is essential for capturing attention amidst a large pool of applicants,” said Gail Quezada, President of the Central Baldwin Chamber of Commerce. The resume scholarship contest awards one winner from each participating high school with $250 and the opportunity to compete in the final round for a chance to win an additional $1,000 scholarship by being interviewed by a panel of local business leaders. This initiative rewards students for their resume-building skills and provides them with valuable experience in presenting themselves professionally and competitively in the job market.


View the event video here.